City of Conway Employee of the Month for June 2016 - Jessica Hucks

Jessica was hired by the City on June 8, 2015 to work in the Planning and Zoning Department as the City’s Zoning Officer. During the last six months, that department has experienced some of the highest volume of permit requests ever.  Upon her hire in June of 2015, Jessica immediately began zoning compliance and enforcement reviews for the City.  At the time of her hire, development numbers were increasing at near unprecedented levels.  In the last six months, there has been a 26% increase in new residential permits, an average of over 23 houses per month, almost one per day.  In that same time period there has been an increase in accessory building permits, such as fences, pools and sheds of 50%.  Jessica also acts as the liaison for the Community Appearance Board, which has seen an uptick in reviews of 16% in the last six months. 

 Jessica has handled all of the pressure and stress of this sometimes hectic review pace and has done so without missing a beat or complaint.  She is a model employee and it is my pleasure to present her as the City’s Employee of the Month for June.  In addition to a plaque, Jessica will receive 8 additional hours of vacation time for being named our Employee of the Month.