Welcome to the City of Conway Planning Department!

Our Department is responsible for implementing zoning and land development regulations and managing growth throughout the City. Additionally, the Planning Department administers the Comprehensive Plan, which assists our staff in deciding what future developments are appropriate in specific areas of the City. In this plan, various elements are identified, which are related to land use, transportation, demographics, economic development, housing, recreation and tourism.

The Conway Planning Department works with people that are interested in annexation, rezoning, community development and historic preservation. The Planning Department also serves as the staff liaison for the Planning Commission, the Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Community Appearance Board.

Within the planning Department is the GIS Staff. They are responsible for collecting and organizing an abundant amount of data that can be used to analyze and complete various projects.

We look forward to working with you in the future.
2021 Planning Commission Meeting Schedule
2021 Community Appearance Board Meeting Schedule
2021 Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting Schedule
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City of Conway GIS Data

Key Personnel

Allison Hardin
Planning and Development Director

Jessica Hucks

Kym Wilkerson

Zoning Administrator

Vicki Stone 
Zoning Officer

Anne Bessant
Planning and Building Assistant

Stephen Williams
GIS Coordinator

Conway Zoning Map
"Historic Design Review Districts: Community Appearance Guidelines"
Starting a New Business in Conway

Unified Development Ordinance "Zoning Ordinance"
City of Conway Tree Ordinance 

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