City of Conway Expands Recycling Program with DHEC

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City of Conway Expands Recycling Program with DHEC




CONWAY, SC (July 19, 2019) – In 2018, the City of Conway, thanks to grant funding from DHEC and the Horry County Solid Waste Authority, purchased 1,200 recycling carts to offer to City residents on a first-come, first-served basis.


The response to the program was overwhelming, and the City is now seeing it pay off, as we have diverted more than 85 tons of recyclable materials from going to the landfill.


Since the program has been so successful, the City has applied for another round of funding from DHEC and has just been approved to purchase another 500 carts.

The carts are being ordered and will be available in the coming weeks.


Residents should look for more information on the release of those carts on the City of Conway’s social media pages and on the City’s website at


Not only does this program help to save the environment, it also saves taxpayer dollars.

The City of Conway pays no fees to drop off recycling at the landfill. However, each time garbage from a garbage truck is dropped off at the landfill, it costs the City $36 per ton.


The numbers below outline the success of the recycling program by showing how many tons the City of Conway recycled in 2018 versus how many tons were recycled each month in 2019.



2018                    2019

94.64 Jan.               109.90 Jan.                             increase of 15.26

83.05 Feb                96.89  Feb                              increase of 13.84

92.81 March           102.46 March                        increase of  9.65

97.80 April              111.78 April                            increase of 13.98 

105.97 May             121.30 May                            Increase of 15.33

89.01 June                106.41 June                          increase of 17.40

                                                                                                       Total 85.46 tons (170,920 lbs)