City of Conway Residents Should Prepare for Hurricane Dorian

A mandatory evacuation was issued yesterday for Zone A in Horry County. As a reminder, the City of Conway in not in an evacuation zone. Therefore, our residents are not included in that evacuation order.
However, if your home is in a low-lying area and you've seen flooding in the past, now is the time to prepare. You should exercise caution, continue to look for the updated forecasts, have a plan for where you and your pets will go should you need to leave your home.
If you do have to leave your home, check out these tips from Horry County Emergency Management:
-Unplug electrical equipment, such as radios and televisions, and small appliances, such as toasters and microwaves.
-Turn off gas, electricity, and water to the house.
-Tune‐in to local commercial radio or television stations or NOAA weather radio frequencies. The purchase of a Weather Alert Radio for your home and place of employment can help you stay informed of changing conditions.
-Keep the fuel tank as full as possible. In an evacuation, gas may not be readily available.
-Have enough cash for a few days because ATM’s may not work during power outages and stores might not be able to take debit and credit cards. Be sure to have plenty of small bills, as it may be difficult to get change.
-Fill prescriptions that might be needed and stock up on any necessary medical supplies.
-Turn Around, Don’t Drown! Never attempt to drive through flooded roadways. Floodwaters can conceal damage underneath, and as little as two feet of running water can carry away most vehicles including SUV’s.
-Avoid low‐lying areas. Seek shelter in the highest areas possible.