Welcome to the City of Conway Planning and Development Department!

Our department is responsible for implementing zoning and land development regulations and managing growth and natural resources throughout the City of Conway. We administer the sections of municipal code related to tree protection and mitigation, land use regulation, and the Planning Commission.  Additionally, we create maps and administer the Comprehensive Plan, which guides our appointed volunteer review boards and staff in reviewing what future developments are appropriate in specific areas of the City.

In the Comprehensive Plan, topics important to community development are identified and researched, then recommendations made to guide future growth.  Those evaluated in our Comprehensive Plan include land use, transportation, demographics, economic development, housing, recreation, tourism, and community resiliency.  The process we use to evaluate these guiding factors includes many hours of input from the public, our volunteer and elected boards, and special stakeholders like business owners and public agencies (schools, county offices, state agencies, and federal representation).  The Comprehensive Plan is the legal document that allows Conway to establish and enforce zoning regulations in the City limits.

Our zoning and land development regulations are located in our Unified Development Ordinance, or UDO.  The UDO includes regulations regarding what uses are allowed in the city, where buildings may be located on the property, guidance for development and/or renovation in the historic districts, what landscaping and buffer regulations are required, how new streets should be designed, and sign dimension regulations, among others. 

The Conway Planning and Development Department also serves as the staff liaisons for the Planning Commission, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Community Appearance Board, and the Tree Board.  These are volunteer boards made up of Conway residents and business owners who have an interest in seeing Conway develop in a way that relates to the guiding documents and ideas provided through the public input process of the Comprehensive Plan.

Within the Department is the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) division staff. They are responsible for collecting and organizing an abundant amount of data that can be displayed on a map and used to analyze and complete various projects.  They also manage the official zoning map for the City of Conway, and issue weekly maps based on reporting from our public safety agencies.

Working with our department often starts with a phone call or an email. Our staff contacts are listed below to help you find the right person to contact. For self-help, see the links on the left of the screen for access to public maps, the UDO, municipal codes, and more.

City of Conway Master Plan
Recognizing this important opportunity, The City of Conway commissioned this Riverfront and Downtown Master Plan to accomplish several important goals:
-Explore how the City might utilize properties now in its possession to encourage thoughtful development and redevelopment of the Burroughs property in partnership with the Company.
-Better connect the Riverfront with the commercial district of Conway which, heretofore, has been viewed by some as separate districts.
-Look at long term development opportunities that may exist in the study area that may go beyond the initial investments under consideration.
-Study key gateways into Conway to enhance the visitor experience to the City, encourage visitors and residents to go downtown, and improve the adjacent neighborhoods to these gateways.

We look forward to working with you in the future!


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Conway Downtown Alive!

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