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Welcome to the City of Conway Planning and Development Department!

Our department is responsible for implementing zoning and land development regulations while managing growth and natural resources throughout the City of Conway as outlined in the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). We are the contact for questions such as setbacks, land use regulation and the enforcement of sections of the municipal code related to tree protection and mitigation.  Within the Department is the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) division staff. They are responsible for collecting and organizing data that is then coded and displayed on a map. These maps are used to analyze and complete various projects.  They also manage the official zoning map for the City of Conway, and issue weekly maps based on reporting from our public safety agencies.

The Conway Planning and Development Department also serves as the staff liaisons for Annexation and Rezoning requests, the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Community Appearance Board, the Planning Commission, and the Tree Board.  These are our volunteer boards made up of Conway residents and business owners who have an interest in seeing Conway develop in a way that relates to the guiding documents and ideas provided through the public input process of the Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan serves as a guide to the board and staff in reviewing what future developments are appropriate in specific areas of the City.

Meet Our Staff


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       Jessica Hucks, AICP                                 Kym Wilkerson                                   Vicki Stone                                          Anne Bessant                    
          Planning Director                                Zoning Administrator                             Zoning Officer                             Administrative Assistant 
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                                                             Wanda Lilly                                    Christina Petty                               Stephen Williams
                                             Arborist/ Landscape Designer                      GIS Analyst                                       GIS Analyst
                                                                   Email                                                  Email                                                Email

                                                                                                             Katie Dennis, CFM
                                                                                                            Planning Concierge

                                                            City of Conway Planning & Development Department
                                                                         196 Laurel St.
                                                                    Conway, SC 29526
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